What is the Frequency of Gratitude?

If you read about How to Write in your Gratitude Journal for Manifestation, then you know we talk an awful lot around here about gratitude. In fact, we talk about how the frequency of gratitude is so important to manifesting things that you want into your life. So What is the Frequency of Gratitude exactly? Let’s discuss!

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What is the Frequency of Gratitude

When people start dabbling in the law of attraction and gratitude it can certainly get confusing quickly. With words like, gratitude, high frequency, law of attraction, universal laws, universal principles, and more, it’s a lot.

Be the energy you want to attract

There is no Law of Gratitude

I see a lot of people referring to the “law of gratitude”, or “law of frequency”, but that’s not exactly how it works. So, let’s clear it up real quick. Let’s start with the fact that everything is made of matter. When you look at that matter under a microscope, it’s vibrating. That is the Law of Vibration, which says just that. Everything is vibrating. And everything that is made of matter is vibrating at different speeds or rates. This is the frequency at which something is vibrating.

So now that we know about the law of vibration, we can talk about the law of attraction. This states that everything that is vibrating at the same frequency is drawn together. So the idea is, if you want to attract something, you should make sure you are vibrating at the same frequency as that thing. And this includes are thoughts.

Our Thoughts have Frequency

Have you ever heard the phrase, “thoughts are things?” This is because our thoughts create emotions that literally vibrate at a particular frequency. Emotions are literally ENERGY IN MOTION. Therefore, your emotions vibrate and put out a frequency just like everything else in the world.

You may have seen the below chart before (Photo Credit: Blissspot.com) that shows the actual frequency of each emotion. You can see from the chart that the better feeling emotions have higher frequencies, like love and peace. The not-so-good feelings vibrate at a much lover frequency (i.e. guilt and shame.)

Gratitude High Frequency

According to Flourish Counseling, the actual number for the frequency for gratitude is 540 megahertz. Notice that that is the same frequency on the chart as joy. It’s just above love and just below peace. Sounds like a pretty nice place to be huh?

So what does vibrating at the frequency of gratitude actually do? Well remember that with the law of attraction, like frequencies are drawn together. Therefore, the more you can get into the feeling of gratitude about something that you want, the more you draw it toward you.

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