How to Manifest a Relationship with Your Gratitude Journal

I’m guessing you already know that writing in your gratitude journal can be a great way to manifest things you want into your life. And if not, you might want to read about How to Write in your Gratitude Journal for Manifestation first. But when it comes to BIG things like a relationship, it can sometimes feel like that is just too big of an ask to write about in your gratitude journal. However, I know for a fact that it’s not! Here is how to Manifest a Relationship with Your Gratitude Journal Now.

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Manifesting a Relationship

When manifesting a relationship in your gratitude journal, through visualizing, or through prayer, it’s just like everything else. You have to think about what you want. Not what you don’t want.

Here’s what I see a lot of single people repeatedly saying. “I just want to be single. I don’t want a relationship right now.” Okay, for some of you, that could maybe be true. But is it really? What if I told you that you were going to meet THE perfect person for you tomorrow? Would you still be saying that? Or are you just saying that because you don’t want a crappy relationship, or a relationship like the one you just got out of?

What if, instead, you were saying things like, “I want to be single until the exact right match comes along.” Or, “I will never settle for a relationship that I don’t absolutely love.” Doesn’t that make more sense?

Gratitude Journals and Self Talk

Gratitude journals are just one of the ways that you can hone in on the messaging that you really want to engrain into your brain. Notice how some people use prayer or visualization to manifest the things that they want? That’s because some people don’t do well with writing. In fact, some people hate it. Alternatively, some people don’t do well with closing their eyes and visualizing what they want to manifest. Therefore, you have to choose what method works best for you.

The number one priority for any of these methods is to train your brain for what you want. The reason for this is that your brain isn’t currently trained to give you what you want. Instead, it’s trained to keep you safe. When you hear yourself thinking things like “I just want to be single right now”, that’s your brain trying to help you. It doesn’t want you to get hurt. It doesn’t want you to take chances and fail. But remember, we miss 100% of the shots we don’t take. So we have to be constantly reminding our brains of what we actually want.

And, in terms of “failing”, I want to bring to your attention the law of polarity. I love to explain this one with the quote that Mandy Moore said in “A Walk to Remember”. I used to hate that movie, but either way it works. She says, “How could we know compassion without suffering?” And this is the law of polarity. Being able to experience one side o the coin, to better understand the other. In other words, if we don’t kiss a few frogs, how are we ever going to know that we’ve found our prince!?


Manifesting the “Perfect” Relationship

When trying to manifest a relationship with your gratitude journal, it should probably go without saying that you don’t want to ask only for a “tall dark and handsome” man. Why? As a wise woman once told me, she put a tall, dark and handsome man on her vision board. And she manifested him! They had the nice house and the white picket fence. All her dreams had come true. Until she found out he was cheating on her.

Stop focusing on the bull shit that the media tells you that you want. Sure, you need to be attracted to the person. However, if you’re only writing about how you want a guy who’s 6 feet tall, then you’re missing the whole point of a relationship in the first place! How do you want this guy to make you feel? What kinds of things do you want to do together? How does your life look now that you’ve found this perfect person? If the only thing that you’ve been manifesting is how your Christmas card is going to look, then that will be the extent of your relationship.

Why You Aren’t Manifesting a Relationship in Your Gratitude Journal

What’s the number one reason people don’t manifest relationships from writing in their gratitude journal or otherwise? Resistance. Resistance comes when you feel lack. In other words, when you’re sitting wanting it so damn badly that you’ll do Bumble ONE LAST time. Check out Why You Aren’t Manifesting in Your Gratitude Journal for more about resistance and how you can use your gratitude journal to combat this.

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