Do I am Statements Work For Personal Development

Maybe you’ve read my blog, Uplifting Motivational Personal Development Quotes, and you’re ready to put into action some I Am Statements into action that will help you make lasting change. I’ve got some ideas for you, as well as addressing the question: How Do I Am Statements Work for Personal Development? I love all things brain conditioning and personal development, so let’s go!

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Your Subconscious Mind Is Automated

You might not be surprised to hear that our brains use past information to help us see the world. BUT you might be surprised to find out that thinking actually burns calories. I know girls, have you ever been more motivated to actually THINK!?

But the brain is well aware of this, and doesn’t want you to burn all your calories every day just thinking. I mean, what if you got into a life or death situation and burned all the calories just thinking about how to get out of it? Yikes!

That’s why, in order to conserve calories (in case you do get into some desperate situation) the brain takes situations and information that you do all the time, and actually automates them (or puts them into your unconscious mind). It does this so you don’t have to think about it, and ultimately waste calories.

Everyday things are Automated: How do I Am Statements Work for Personal Development?

For example, think about the act of drying your hair with a hair dryer. When I first got layers in my hair back in junior high, my stylist made a big deal about how I was going to have to learn how to dry my hair with a hair dryer if I was going to be able to rock this new style. (Eye roll from your typical 14 year old.) But, it turned out the stylist was right, damn it! It was a total disaster! I was hitting myself in the head with the dryer, I didn’t know what hand to hold the brush in. And it was so hard!

But now, a number of years later (I won’t say how many! lol), drying my hair comes easily and I don’t have to think about it. That’s because I have now automated it. It’s safe and secure in my subconscious mind and I’m not wasting extra calories each day (or maybe twice a week lol) re-learning the art of hair-drying.

Once Your Recognize That There are Always New Things to Learn, Try, Think, Life Gets Awesome and Exciting.

How do I Am Statements Work for Personal Development?

Now, think about all those bullies in your head on a daily basis. You know the ones! They show up on the regular to tell us just how pathetic we are. They say things like, “I’m Fat”, “I’ll never make enough money”, “I’m worthless.”, “I’ll never find the right guy”, “I’m a bad mom”. Can you relate?

Now that you know how your subconscious mind is programmed – through automated thoughts – It’s no wonder we actually believe these bullies. This causes low self esteem, low self worth, and miniscule self confidence!

Enter I AM Statements.

My Favorite I Am Statements

We have to change the programming so that our brains can re-automate the RIGHT thoughts, instead of those crappy ones we’ve been hearing since we were kids! And that’s where using I AM statements can come in handy. Teach your brain what you want it to automate, instead of what you don’t.

Some of my favorite I Am Statements are:


  • *already* successful
  • a good mom
  • beautiful
  • someone who is always learning and growing
  • worthy
  • smart
  • always manifesting what I need

I Am Statements Can Make Change In Your Life

Say these I AM statements enough, and they will become automated. And that’s when you’ll start seeing a lot of change in your life! Why? Because once you start to believe different things about yourself, you then open your mind up to new opportunities. Not only because you will look out for these opportunities more, but because your brain will be on a new frequency, attracting these kinds of experiences into your life.

I talk a whole lot more about this kind of stuff in my FREE masterclass, The 4 Secrets to Living a High Vibe Life. So make sure to go check it out so you can continue on your path of personal development and growth! After all, that’s the BEST investment you can ever make, amiright?

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