You Must Do This First To Manifest Money

I have been talking about the power Law of Attraction and How to Write in You Gratitude Journal for Manifestation for a while now. But I have stayed away from talking about how to manifest money until now because I was never any good at understanding how to manifest money! But I recently had a breakthrough! I am happy to report that I finally figured out how to manifest some real-life, cold-hard, money in the bank! And it was all because I changed this ONE THING. So I want to share my breakthrough with you and tell you about how You Must Do This First To Manifest Money!

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You Must Do This First To Manifest Money
You Must Do This First To Manifest Money

Manifesting Seems Hard

Manifestation Babe is always doing these challenges to teach you how to manifest money. During the money manifestation challenge, she encourages you to manifest an experience or a certain amount of money in a specified amount of time. I have participated in these challenges to no avail and have STILL wondered how to manifest money. I’ve also read the books about how you write it down, focus on what you want, and say it aloud twice a day – like in Think and Grow Rich. And I’ve done all the experiments in E-Squared. I have also read, Dollars Flow to Me Easily (amazing book!). As well as, The Science of Getting Rich (another great one!). And I have written in my gratitude journal daily for a few years now. But I still could not figure out this whole money manifestation thing and how to manifest money!

So what changed and what have I learned about how to manifest money?

Here’s My Manifestation Story…

What Is Wealth Consciousness?

It all started in Jim Fortin’s Transformational Coaching Program (TCP) where he coached the group about how money starts in our wealth consciousness. What does this even mean? In short, it’s how to manifest money. lol. Okay no, but it means that the money we see in our bank account is directly related to how we think about money first. The idea of wealth consciousnesses explains how people like Mike Tyson and lotto winners alike go completely bankrupt after they have made millions upon millions of dollars. It’s because they have a poor wealth consciousness. (If you are looking to go deeper into this idea, I highly recommend Dollars Flow to Me Easily, which is a quick and easy read.)

But I Have A Great Relationship with Money?!

So I started to take a good hard look at my relationship with money. But here’s the thing. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it! I thought that I had a great relationship with money! Maybe you can relate to this? For example, I have always been able to save money well – even as a very young child. I don’t spend money frivolously or squander it. And I tend to always have the mentality that, “things always work out for us,” when it comes to money.

I think this is what confused me the most. Every time you hear these money manifestation stories about how to manifest money, they always talk about the complete opposite of this. For instance, “whenever I made money, I always turned right around and spent it.” And that just wasn’t me! Can you relate?

So Why Am I Not Rich B*&%$?!

Firstly, let me stop here and just say that I am not saying that I have not created a wonderful, amazing, and abundant life that I am extremely grateful for! But on the other hand, if my money consciousness is “so great already”, then why am I not “rich b*****”?! One could go on for days about what “rich” really means. And compared to others, I am absolutely rich! But my point is, why have I not been able to make enough in my business to surpass my corporate salary? Why don’t I travel private and live in my ultimate dream home? (No judgment! You have your goals and dreams too!)

Why don’t I understand how to manifest money? What is the disconnect?

All The Money Feels For How to Manifest Money

So okay. I might save money well, and spend it cautiously. But I realized that my “issues” with money, aren’t about my ability to save or spend money responsibly. The problem is my feeling toward it. I realized that I don’t FEEL good about spending money. If I go to CVS and buy shampoo. Or I go out to dinner. When I buy diapers online for my child. I feel so much resistance about spending money. (i.e. It doesn’t feel good, light, or easy.) Maybe you can relate?

So I thought, this must be why I don’t know how to manifest money. Where does this feeling even come from? Well, it’s good to examine how you were raised. I was always taught not to spend money foolishly and that money is hard to come by. You have to work hard for money, so when you get it, you better hold on to it.

I want to point out here that this isn’t my parents’ fault. They have their own beliefs about “how to manifest money” the good old fashion way – which have been passed on from generation to generation.

You Must Do This First To Manifest Money: Adjust Your Money Consciousness

Once you uncover these past beliefs about money, it’s time to focus on making a change to your money consciousness in order to figure out how to manifest money. Because, you must do this first to manifest money. And I believe that the key to changing your money consciousness in order to understand how to manifest more money into your life is questioning everything you have ever learned about money. Which is exactly what I set out to do.

For example, think of a lesson you learned about money from your parents or someone else growing up. For example, the amount of money you need to save to be secure, or what is considered “okay” to spend money on, etc. Ask yourself if this is really true. Question everything you’ve learned about money. Initially, you are going to feel so much conflict. Like, of course this is true! But as you start to question things and practice these new ways of thinking about money, you’ll start to realize that these things you thought were fact, were merely only beliefs. And these beliefs have been affecting your money story.

Question Your Beliefs in Order to Understand How to Manifest Money

In addition to questioning past beliefs, I suggest focusing on releasing resistance every time you spend money. Therefore, I focus on who the money is benefiting. Could it be helping a store worker, a small business owner, or a single mom? When I spend money, I consciously make the decision to feel good about it. I focus on the idea that as it flows out, it will flow back in. I say to myself, “The more I spend, the more I make.”

Lastly, I have been doing some major subconscious reprogramming through Jim Fortin’s program to improve my money consciousness, which I think is heavily responsible for the big shifts I have been seeing.

And with these changes, I definitely started to see a shift!


Now I’m Rich B&*%$!

Just kidding. Although I’m not financially free (yet), after several months of doing all of the above, things have really started to change.

We ended up getting the opportunity to refinance our house and lower our monthly payments by enough to really crank up my Botox appointments! (Kidding, but not really). When we took our daughter to Disneyland last month, we had things given to us out of thin air. Most shockingly, last week, I purchased a plane ticket to visit my Mom and when I bought the ticket – that had gone up over $200.00 over night – I was feeling major resistance. So, I consciously released ALL resistance and said, “This is something I want to do, and the money is being well spent. The more I spend, the more I make.”

Later that day, my husband called me with some exciting news. Someone had bought this thing off of ebay that we had been trying to sell for months! It was enough to take care of my entire plane ticket! WHAAAAT? I know! It’s the money manifestation story I have been waiting for.

The Money Manifestation Takeaway

In conclusion, this is my money manifestation story. if you can relate to this story and you have been struggling with money manifestation like I have, I hope you’ll take the time to start working on your wealth consciousness in order to manifest money.

Therefore, write down your thoughts about money. Start taking stock of all the times you feel resistance around paying bills, debt, or shopping. We can all get stressed about money – because let’s face it. Money makes the world go round. And I know money manifestation can seem hard. However, if you start to focus on and shift your wealth consciousness, you are going to start seeing money shifts in your life. If I can do it. I know you can.

Let’s Connect!

Lastly, thank you so much for taking the time to read The Most Important Thing You Must Do First To Manifest Money to learn how to manifest money. I hope it was helpful to you and gave some new money manifestation stories to inspire you! I hope that it will help you to start manifesting more money in your life. Making positive change is such a big part of my life! And I would love to help you be more positive.

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