Why you should start before you're ready

If you’re a mom, you’ll remember when you first thought about having a baby. You might have thought, “Am I ready for this?” When you asked your friends and family for some advice, they typically have one very common answer. And it sounds something like this. “You’ll never be ready.” And ain’t it the truth. Let’s talk about Why You should Start Before You’re Ready for most things in your life.

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Why you should start before you're ready

Are You Ever Really Ready To Be A Parent?

I’ll never forget the day one of my good friends told me she *might* be pregnant. This was before a lot of our friends had kids, so it was a little outside the box at the time. She was, “going to take a pregnancy test the next day”, she told me, as we ordered drinks at the bar. However, she was hoping it would be negative. “Because… like? Are we really ready for that?”

Nine months later, a baby arrived. Ready or not!

Nothing quite prepares you for motherhood. I mean, sure. You can read all the books and do all the research. But if that baby isn’t doing exactly what Baby Wise said she’d be doing in week four, surprise! It’s time to wing it! That, and Google-ling literally everything for the first year. (Or was that just me?)

It’s funny though. No matter how hard it might be, or how you feel like you have no idea what you are doing, you somehow make it through. You get to that first birthday.

Speaking of that, you can read all about my little one’s Donuts and Pajamas First Birthday Party here.

But were you ready? Probably not.

And as it turns out, that’s probably the answer for basically everything in life. As kids, we’re kind of forced into new things. Our parents put us in sports, and dance, and music class to help us figure out what we like. But as adults, we don’t have our parents pushing us into anything anymore. We settle into our comfort zones because we know what we like, and we want to stay there.

Why You Should Start Before You’re Ready: Making Change

But if we’re looking for any kind of change in lives, like weight loss, increased success, more money, better relationships, and the like. We have to try new things and take risks. And often times, we’re just not ready for change. We have all these “stories” around change. “Change is hard”, etc.

And actually, you really can’t be blamed for feeling like that. See, your brain doesn’t like change because it can’t predict what’s coming next. So it says, “NO. Stay in your comfort zone. Don’t try new things. That’s scary and unpredictable and uncomfortable.” And if you’re like me, you’re thinking, “Oh hell no. I do NOT like being uncomfortable. SO I’m going to stay RIGHT HERE.”

Start Before You’re Ready

But that’s where we actively have to talk back to our brains and remind it of our goals. We have to start BEFORE we are actually ready.

Start before you're ready

Don’t wait for the right Monday to start your exercise routine. Or for the next week to have more time to apply for jobs. Don’t wait to find the perfect online course to teach you exactly how to get started. Just start. Before you’re ready. Start today.

The truth is, action creates clarity. So, if you start now, you’re going to learn HOW to do it AFTER you start. See how that works? And , like parenting, you will learn more along your journey than you can ever learn in a course, a book, or online. Amiright?

Trust me. You’ll look back and be so grateful you started when you did and not a moment later.

Get Inspired

Need more convincing? I recently guest co-hosted on The Red Bra Project’s YouTube Channel, for example, where we interviewed Tanci from TurnupwithTanci.com. She is the epitome of “start before you’re ready”! She literally just tossed an idea at the wall and it stuck! Now she is a successful and inspirational dance entrepreneur! Watch her story and be inspired to START NOW.

Oh ya and here’s my disclaimer. I am absolutely 100% NOT telling you to go out and become a parent before you’re in a committed relationship or you’ve thought it over quite a bit. What I’m telling you is that if you are planning to have kids and you wonder if now is the right time, there’s probably no good time. No what I’m sayin? Okay, just so we cleared that up.

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