Why You Need to Celebrate Every Single Day

As a party decorations designer at A Touch of LA, I get to work with people every day who are celebrating a milestone in their lives and need party decor to help them celebrate for the occasion. It’s normal to celebrate a birthday, retirement, new baby, or graduation. But did you ever think to celebrate on a regular ol’ Monday? Probably not. Let’s talk about why you need to celebrate every single day!

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Why you need to celebrate every single day
Why you need to celebrate every single day

We Notice the Bad Over The Good

The other day my husband had a set back at work. Something went wrong with a contract he had done with a client and he was super bummed about it.

Now, if you know me, you know I am always touting gratitude. (And you can get my free gratitude journal here) But I try not to be a nagging wife and tell my husband – or anyone else for that matter – that if you had a crappy day – just BE GRATEFUL. I mean, I am human, and how annoying would that be?

But after he had some time to think on the situation, I did have to remind him. Even though this ONE thing had gone wrong, there were a ton of things that he had told me about that were going RIGHT in his job recently. And he shouldn’t discount those other great things. And he immediately realized that I was right…naturally… lol

Isn’t it just SO human of us to have ONE set back, and so we discount every other GOOD thing that’s going on in our lives? Well, guess what. As it turns out, it’s not our fault this happens!

It’s our brain’s fault!

Why You Need to Celebrate Every Single Day: Blame Your Brain!

You're brain is sabotaging you: Why You Need to Celebrate Every Single Day

According to a study, our brains store bad memories more easily and readily than good ones! Why? Because it’s an evolutionary tactic to protect us from future life-threatening or negative events.

For example, it’s easier for us to remember a sad and tragic event like 9-11, but we forget our family’s birthdays! Similarly, we are more likely to remember when our manager gives us negative feedback. But we completely forget about the time they praised us for being super skilled and talented.

How Can We Fix it?

So what is the resolution to this? Well, we need to RE-train our brains! And how do we do that? By reminding ourselves over and over…and over again, that we have PLENTY to celebrate in our lives despite some of the setbacks we might incur.

Now as you know, if you have been writing in your gratitude journal, this is such a great step at starting to rework the inner workings of your brain. You start to notice more things to be grateful for and you star to see life differently.

However, we typically write in our gratitude journals in the morning. For me personally, in the morning, I feel like the world is my oyster! What amazing thing will happen today?! But then, many times, the day goes, well… a lot like yesterday. And it can sometimes feel like it wasn’t a very productive or an *amazing* day after all. And that is why we need to remind ourselves!

A Tool To Celebrate Every Single Day

Now that we know Why You Need to Celebrate Every Single Day here’s a tool to help you do it and what I do every day! Grab this celebration calendar and at the end of every day write down one thing that you are proud of, excited that you completed, or something that happened that is worth celebrating from that day.

Sometimes it is as little as, “I got a workout in today”. “I had a really great day with my kid”. or “I crushed that presentation at work.” The idea is to look back at your day and find just one thing to celebrate. No matter how big or small. And, if you had an amazing day – then write down two or three things!

Just like a gratitude journal teaches you to look for things to be grateful for in your life. This calendar teaches you to recognize all your daily wins! Both exercises help to retrain your brain to look for the good in your life! And remember that there is always a reason to celebrate in your life. Some days, it’s hard to find something good in a crappy day…but there is always something!

There's always a reason to celebrate. Find it.

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