Why you aren't manifesting with your gratitude journal

You may already know that I’m a gratitude pusher. Why? Because gratitude is the ultimate celebration of life. That’s why I teach people all about starting a gratitude practice and How to Write In Your Gratitude Journal for Manifestation. Because just imagine it! If we were coming from a place of celebrating the good, the bad, and the ugly about every aspect of our lives, then we would be truly living from a place of gratitude. But what if you feel like you aren’t manifesting miracles from writing in your gratitude journal? Then it wouldn’t be a manifestation journal! You feel frustrated and annoyed that other people seem to get how manifestation works, but you are on the struggle bus. Let’s talk about Why You Aren’t Manifesting With Your Gratitude Journal.

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Why you aren't manifesting with your gratitude journal

Daily Gratitude Manifest Journal

According to Google, “a manifestation journal is a dedicated notebook that you use to write down positive thoughts and ideas related to your goals and dreams.” This is definitely an accurate definition. And a daily gratitude journal practice is so important. I’ve talked about why I love it so much on my podcast, The Celebration Effect Podcast and here on this blog. A manifestation journal made such an impact on me, because it’s helped me to start manifesting things into my life that are more in alignment with where I want to go. So how does manifestation work with a gratitude journal? And more importantly, how doesn’t manifestation work with a gratitude journal? Let’s talk about it.

If you know about my manifestation journal, the free printable gratitude and manifesting worksheet, then you know that one of the sections is for acting as IF. In this section, you write down what you are grateful for AS IF you have already achieved it. This section can feel weird for anyone just starting out with a gratitude and manifestation practice. I know that because I’ve been there!

In fact, I had someone approach me recently that said that every time they did this in their manifestation journal, it made them upset. It was just another reminder that they didn’t have the thing that they were trying to manifest. Can you relate?

Time Traveling to Your Past

If you can relate to being frustrated in this part of the manifestation process, I want to help you get past it.

I want you to think about something you have now that you used to wish for. (i.e. something once wanted to manifest). You used to want this thing SO badly, and now you have manifested it. (Maybe it’s owning a house, an expensive pair of shoes, a child, anything you once really wanted that you now have in your life.)

Now pretend, that you are able to time travel back to the time before your manifestation of this thing. Because of your time-traveling abilities, you can tell your past self not to worry and that you will eventually manifest that thing in the future.

Imagine how your past self would have felt to know that it’s only a matter of time before the manifestation of this thing. What emotions would that have spurred in you? Relief? Happiness? You would have felt confident and a pure KNOWINGNESS (possibly a made up word?) that any day now, that thing was going to manifest in your life. Right?

This is the key to manifestation.

Resistance is Why You Aren’t Manifesting With Your Gratitude Journal

You see, when you want something SO BADLY, you create resistance. By the pure wanting of this manifestation, you are signaling to the universe that you don’t already have it. You are coming from a place of lack.

You have to clear this resistance in order for the manifestation to occur. (i.e. Let it go. Queue Elsa.) You have to stop worrying about IF it’s coming, and know (remember the knowingness?) that it’s on it’s way to manifesting. When you do this, you clear the resistance. By realizing that your manifestation is already on it’s way when writing in your manifestation journal, the energy you emit is now a vibrational match with the exact thing that you want.

The Frustration When Writing in Your Manifestation Journal is Resistance

Therefore, when you write in your journal about the thing that you want to manifest, but get frustrated that you don’t have it, this is the signal that you are in resistance to your manifestation. And what you must know is that from the place of lack, you create more lack and more of what you don’t want – moving you further away from your manifestation.

So what do we have to do? When we write in our gratitude journal, we need that future self to come help us out again. What would the future you that already has your manifestation tell you? She would say, “Chill girl! It’s on it’s way, I promise!”

It’s all About the Feeling to Manifest With Your Manifestation Journal

Now that you have heard from your future self that your manifestation is just around the corner, you can relax. From this standpoint, you realize, IT IS DONE.

Notice how that thought makes you FEEL. You realize that the manifestation you want is just a few steps away! Suddenly, it’s freeing. You can imagine it without any resistance, or any negative feelings. Why would you feel bad, when you KNOW that the manifestation that you want is already on it’s way? There’s no need for doubt and worry now.

Now when you write in your journal from that place, it feels different. It feels exciting! You can feel what it feels like to have it because it’s almost here! Now, you might not know what it actually is like like to have a svelte body or to pay off your mortgage (insert your goals here). But you can certainly understand how you would feel on the inside, right? Relieved? Accomplished? Wealthy? Free? These are the FEELINGS you need to create while you are journaling in order to hone in on your manifestation.

When things change inside you, things change around you.

When Things Change Inside You, Things Change Around You

That said, you may have heard this quote, “when things change inside you, things change around you.” That’s because, as you practice this way of journaling – being in your future self and knowing that your manifestation is on it’s way – you will then start to see things actually manifesting! (i.e. When you change your FEELINGS, things will change around you, literally!)

No matter what manifestation that you are writing about in your gratitude journal, you’re going to start noticing that things are aligning with what you are trying to manifest. Even if you’re writing about something on a HUGE scale, like world peace or saving the earth from plastic, for example. You might not see a huge change immediately. However, you might suddenly get an opportunity to volunteer in your community for a recycling project. Maybe that project helps to lower the consumption of plastic bottles on your block. Or maybe you’re able to raise money to create a policy change in your area around recycling. Saving the world might be a BIG manifestation that takes some time. But it happens step by step by step, it by bit.

When we can make changes inside ourselves, our manifestations can come true, and we can have an impact on the world.

Key Takeaways For Your Manifestation and Gratitude Journal

So what’s the key takeaway for manifesting miracles from all of this? If you skimmed this article, here’s the gist! When you write in your gratitude journal for manifesting, write from the place of your future self who has already achieved that manifestation. Give thanks for what you don’t yet have, but from a new perspective. Write from a state of abundance, and not a state of lack, and eventually your will your manifestation will be complete.

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