tips for being happy when happiness is at an all time low

A recent study I read found that American’s are the most unhappy they’ve been in 50 years. Yikes. We can certainly blame quarantine and the fact that people are losing their jobs right and left. But I have another thought. People were already unhappy before this chaos. And if you’ve read my story about how I went from depressed to positive, then you know, I’ve been there. However, people are now waking up to the fact that the quarantine has just put a microscope on something that’s been there all along. So how can we BE happier – even through political elections, economic hardship, and yes even the “dreaded” virus. Let’s talk about tips for happiness when it’s at an all time low.

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tips for being happy when happiness is at an all time low

Tips for Happiness in a A Tumultuous Year

Don’t get me wrong, 2020 has not treated me well. If you’ve been following along for awhile on Instagram or my podcast, you know that my mom became suddenly paralyzed when her breast cancer spread to her spine. We nearly lost our home when we tried to sell it during coronavirus and my husband lost his job just 4 days into escrow. Not to mention, the attorney we had to hire to deal with that fiasco and the $10K we had to fork over to avoid homelessness. Oh ya, and there was the fact that my sales plummeted, and I barely escaped layoffs at my company and so on. 

What’s surprising though, is through it all, I have remained mostly positive, upbeat, and overall happy. Why? Because happiness is a choice. And everyday, we all get to make new choices toward our own happiness.

Taking Responsibility for Our Happiness

You might think – well, Lindsay, I disagree. It’s easy for YOU to say. I have a ton of other things in my life that have made me unhappy!! And if that’s the story you’re telling yourself, I want to ask you the most important question. Who is responsible for your happiness in your life, if you’re not? I have happiness and joy and peace, not because of luck, but because of the choices I have made in my life.

So if that’s not a place where you are at right now, I want to give you some Tips for Happiness to get you started as you make the choice to be happier. To start creating the life you love, instead of settling for one that’s just happening to you. If that sounds like a journey you want to go on, then I would encourage you to keep reading as I discuss these tips for happiness when it’s at an all time low.

Tips for Happiness #1: Be in the Present

When you are truly in the present, 9 times out of 10, everything is fine. 
What do I mean? Well if something terrible has just happened, a job layoff, a loss, a hardship, you can usually look at where you are standing or sitting and say that you are fine. Of course we have grief, and pain, and sorrow – because we are living a human experience. (Apparently this is something we asked to take part in. {Insert that shrugging girl emoji here}.) If we’re scared of not being able to pay our bills, if we are sad about something that happened at work, we forget then in both of those cases, we are not living in the present. We are living in the past, or in a future that may never happen. 

Here’s what Joe Dispenza has to say about living in the present.”The present moment’s importance cannot be understated because it’s our doorway to a new future. When you are in the sweet spot of the generous present moment, your familiar past and your predictable future no longer exist and now you are ready to create new possibilities in your life.” I’m reading one of his books right now, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – it is highly recommended! (I’ve included a few more of his books below that are such great reads.)

How the Power of Being Present Got me Through

Here’s how I’ve applied this in my life recently. When my husband got laid off, it was scary AF. Mostly because we were in a battle with the people who wanted to buy our home and no one to help us get out of it. Whenever I focused on what was happening with the house and his job, this killer pain would shoot into my back. It was literally hurting me physically to think about it.

So I sat down on the floor and wrote in my gratitude journal. I wrote about how lucky I was to be going through this situation with my husband. Thank God I didn’t have to go through it alone, or with ANYONE else. I wrote that I was so grateful that we were healthy and have a healthy daughter – especially during this time of fear. And that I was so grateful that we were going through this because I KNEW there was something better on the way. 

Now, I’m not saying that this was a cure for my backache, but I know it helped me to be more present. In other words, even though things felt like they were falling apart. I was “FINE”. The more that we can recognize that in this exact present moment we are FINE, the more happy or at peace we can be.

Tips for Happiess

Happiness Tip #2: Aim to be Fulfilled and NOT happy

Okay so, I know this whole thing is about tips for happiness when it’s at an all time low. However, here’s the thing that I learned recently. As it turns out, the goal isn’t just to BE happy all the time. At the end of the day, that means that we have to be happy about everything. For example, child sex trafficking, rape, murder, heartbreak, etc. Why would we want to be happy with all that? Well, we don’t. So, if the goal isn’t to be happy, what is? The goal is to actually FEEL FULFILLED.

Therefore, how do we feel fulfilled? Well, there’s one true way to do this, and it is to bring VALUE into this world. You might think that bringing value sounds kinda hard. But it’s actually really easy when you recognize your unique skills and talents that are unlike anyone else. Yes, that’s right. YOU. There’s something you do that comes relatively easy to you, am I right? You probably think that it comes so easily to you that it’s not that valuable. But that is where the magic is.

The Key to Fulfillment is In your Passion

What we don’t realize is, that sometimes the things that come the easiest to us, are actually really hard and confusing for other people. For instance, you might knit really well. Alternatively, you might write well, do a sport well, and so on. THIS is where you shine. And what you might not know is that when you take part in an activity that comes easy to you, you bring value to the world because you do it better, more quickly, or more efficiently that most other people.

That’s why people are always telling you to follow your passion. Maybe you enjoy making jewelry. Could you sell it on Etsy? Maybe you like to write. Could you start a blog? What do you love to do that you could start putting out to the world so that others could benefit from it?

However, one thing that might trip you up here is the “making money” part. For example, I’m sure you’re thinking, “but if I’m making money, is that really bringing value to the world?” Can you think of something you purchased that you use over and over again and you absolutely love it? Maybe it’s a piece of clothing, for example, or a kitchen item, or a piece of furniture. That item brought you extreme value in your life, right? And was it free? Nope! So, there you have it. Something you paid for, brought you value.

Therefore, when you create or produce something that brings value to others, there’s nothing more fulfilling, and that makes you feel happy.


Tips for Happiness #3: Stop Waiting for Someday

I’m not immune to the “someday I’ll feel happier” feeling. I say it all the time. I want to be financially free. To have an amazing relationship with my daughter. I want to have a business that makes six figures. To have an all-white beautifully remodeled kitchen. 

However, here’s the kicker. What if I told you that we aren’t really after that financial freedom, that amazing relationship, the money, or that beautiful kitchen? What we are really after is the feeling that we THINK we’ll have when we get it. Ask yourself what feelings you would feel if you had the thing that you most want? If I’m financially free, I’ll feel relieved. When I have that beautiful kitchen, I’ll feel rich and abundant. If I had that amazing relationship, I’d feel loved.

Feel it NOW

The truth is that we can choose to FEEL that way right now. Close your eyes right now and pretend it’s true now. Imagine what that would feel like. When I do this exercise, it often makes me smile. I can visualize the dance we’d be doing as a family if we had paid of our mortgage. I can visualize my daughter and I getting pedicures, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. See what I mean? Instantly, I’m happier. And I don’t even HAVE those things in my current reality. It’s that simple.

So, stop waiting for the someday, and start realizing that you can BE that person now. For example, you can “pretend” or “act as if” you have those things, and experience the same feelings you would have if you already had them. The best part about this? Not only does it make you happier, but because of the law of attraction and vibration, it starts to draw these things toward you energetically. The very fact that you could imagine it as it could be, makes it more likely that it WILL be your reality very soon.

Bonus Tip #4 for Happiness: Gratitude

Can you see how these tips for happiness have little to do with what’s going on on the world? It has everything to do with you making the CHOICE to be happy right NOW.

The idea is that you already have so much to be grateful for that you can focus on. And that’s why taking time for gratitude each day is one of the utmost important things you can do during this time, and moving forward in life. And I’d love to tell you everything I know about a gratitude practice in, How to Write in A Gratitude Journal for Manifestation.

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