Books for the Spiritually Curious That Will Change Your Life

After struggling with postpartum depression for over two years, I picked up a book that changed my life. After implementing the knowledge I learned from one book, things started to change in every aspect of my life. Not only do I no longer struggle from depression, but I’m thriving. So I want to share some of those resources with you. I’m giving you my list of recommended books for the spiritually curious.

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Books for the Spiritually Curious That Will Change Your Life
Books for the Spiritually Curious That Will Change Your Life

A Little Spiritual Background

Before I picked up my first spiritual book about the law of attraction and other universal forces, I was, what I would call, normal. I was raised Episcopalian/Christian in a large town in Northern California.

Spirituality was something of a distant past to me. We attended church every Sunday as a kid. I had observed kids in the youth group of our church who had danced in the aisles and praised Jesus on Sunday morning. Then they did a complete 180 on Monday. The pianist at our church was convicted for molesting multiple children, including his own. Not to mention that one movie about priests.

Given all this, it’s hard to hold out hope that there’s a God out there, when these are the stories we hear. Not to mention the media and all the “bad” things happening in the world. And I’ll admit, with everything that I was going through with postpartum depression and looking at some of these negative situations surrounding religion, I had kinda given up hope myself.

However, when I picked up more and more books about how we create our own reality by controlling our thoughts, my outlook – and my life- changed.

What I’ve Come To Realize

The principles in the books I’ve read have taught me so many new things. They taught me that we are all made in the likeness of God, to be creators. And to co-create our reality. They have taught me that every last one us is a worthy being, worthy of everything we have ever wanted! It tells us that the things we’ve been taught in school, church, and life, aren’t exactly how this all works.

Where once I felt like religion was about a God to be feared and rules to follow or else. After reading some of these spiritual books, I suddenly felt free. If I create my reality, and my thoughts can impact my whole life. And if God created this world for us to enjoy, not to be in fear. Then this is kind of awesome! And it’s kind of what I always thought spirituality was supposed to be about.

With these new ideas I have gotten from this “brain food”, I now feel empowered, inspired, and enlightened. And I want to help you feel the same.

We can choose to look at these horrible world events and conclude that the world is a terrible place. Or, we can look around and focus on the miracles, the possibilities, and our role in making a positive difference. We can notice all the joy, all the love, and all the wonder.

You can call it God, source, angels, divine intelligence, or The FP (The field of potentiality, as Pam Grout, likes to say!). Whatever you call it, you’re right.

Books for the Spiritually Curious

Therefore, all that said, below are just three of the books I am recommending to add to your reading list. I hope it will give you some insight into what book to add to your list first!

Books for the Spiritually Curious: Book #1

First, is this book, A Perception of Reality: The Teachings of Joshua, By Gary Temple Bodley. This is the book my mom gave me. The one that started it all – the one I talked about in my Facebook Live. It is just the first of many that have made such an impact on me. It really covers it all. From the laws of the universe to create a vision for your life.

Books for the Spiritually Curious: Book #2

Next, Conversations with God, An Uncommon Dialogue, By Neal Donald Walsch. This book had the biggest impact on me. In the book, the author is having a conversation with God. You can take that as real or fictional, but the answers he gets from God are really amazing. It really changed the wa I look at religion and made me feel excited about my life and what I can create.

Books for the Spiritually Curious: Book #3

Thirdly, E-Squared, By Pam Grout. This is one of my favorite authors. I love her voice when she reads her book on Audible. She gives you actual experiments in this book so that you can test out all the principles that you’re reading in the other group. I love it and it’s a way to prove to yourself that this “woo woo” stuff is all actually real.

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