Why We Need to Set Goals to Play a Bigger Game

Are you like me and have a lack luster motivation to set goals? Let’s talk about why we need to set goals to play a bigger game in our lives.

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We all set goals for the same reason. We want to make some kind of change in our lives. Maybe yours is to start working out. Or perhaps it’s to think more positively, which obvee I love! Sometimes it’s a bad habit you are trying to crack. Speaking of crack, I personally gave up on trying to stop cracking my knuckles years ago, much to my grandmother’s chagrin.

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My experience setting goals

But the thing is, I also gave up on goals all together. I THINK it was because I thought I had hit all my goals. (Laughable, right?!). For example, I had always envisioned that I would make a certain amount of money by the time I turned 30, which I had attained. Another goal was to purchase a home before age 30, and I had hit that goal as well. Clearly I thought 30 was the end all be all?! But what the heck did I want for the rest of my life?

While those were some great goals, and I am super proud of myself for hitting them, I never made new ones. And one might ask, if you don’t have goals in life, then where are you even headed? If sports players didn’t know what their goal was in a game, how would that game even look?

Set goals that scare and excite you at the same time.

Set Goals to Play a Bigger Game

I took a real look at my life these past few months and realized I wanted to play a bigger game. I want to reach all those goals I had as a kid and really live my purpose! It’s excited me. It’s made me realize that I can hope and strive for more out of life. And I want to encourage you to take this same look at your life.

See where I’m going with this? I know what you’re thinking. That you don’t know what your purpose or passion is, so how can you set a goal toward it?

But let me give you this. Close your eyes right now. Imagine, if you could have anything, be anything, do anything, what would you be doing right now? Let me guess. You thought of something, but then you pushed it away because you’re too old, it’s too late to start, it seems like a lot of work or effort. Amiright?

Before you give into those thoughts, let me tell you something. You are a big deal. You’re here, on this planet, because you were meant to be here. God only made one of you and that means you are here for a reason. For a purpose. And, nothing is coincidence, so you KNOW this message is for you.

Setting Goals to Play A Bigger Game

Set a vision for your life

Now that you have confirmation that you’re a big deal and that you are here to live your wildest dreams, it’s time to start leveling up. It’s time to play a bigger game and shoot for the goals you really want in life. Remember, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

So if you’re into this and you are ready to start playing a bigger game with me, you need to start getting really specific about setting the vision for your life. What do you really want out of this life? Are there some big and scary goals that you want to achieve?!? What is your purpose?

It can feel like a really hard, really big question. But, today I want to encourage you to ponder this question. To really ask yourself what you want to do while you have this precious time on earth.

I hope you’ll play a bigger game with me by taking the next step on your goal that you thought, but pushed away! Think about just a few action steps to get you started today!

And remember, you must write them down! If you’ve been watching some of my live videos over on Facebook and Instagram, you know that 95% of your thoughts are unconscious. That means that you have to actively write down your goals, or else it’s going to get stuck in your mind! Watch my video about your gratitude journal excuses to hear me talk a little more about why you have to write things down. So do yourself a favor and jot them down and get started acting on your goals today!

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