Positive Women Support Positive Women

If you know anything about the law of vibration, you know that the energy of the people you surround yourself with is contagious. That’s why it’s so important to consider who you surround yourself with, because it will indeed effect your energy. So when the ladies over at The Red Bra Project reached out to interview me for their YouTube Channel, I was so excited! Why?! Because when positive women support positive women, we become unstoppable.

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Here’s our interview! They were so fun to chat with!

You’re probably wondering. Who are these amazing women and what does a red bra have to do with it?! That’s exactly what I wanted to know! So after our interview, and this blog post they wrote about me (::bats eyelashes::) I interviewed them and wanted to share their story with you here. These women will inspire you that a conversation over a glass of wine with a girlfriend could be the jumping off point to finding your true passion and purpose in life!

Meet the Ladies of the Red Bra Project

The Red Bra Project Ladies

The ladies of the Red Bra Project are Renee Baus and Shawna Altenburger. Renee, a Nationwide Event Manager & Producer and the owner of a virtual skincare business, grew up in Ohio and currently lives full time in a motor coach! Shawna, also from Ohio, but now residing in Massachusetts, works in educational software and is a single mom of two beautiful children, one who is on the autism spectrum. (Translation: If you have excuses about chasing your dreams, this is your come-to-Jesus moment…spoiler alert…! There are no excuses!)

The Red Bra Project Started with drinks and laughs! (My kind of girls)

Renee and Shawna, two diverse, sassy, loving, kind, and outspoken women created the Red Bra Project over drinks and laughs! (That’s why we became instant friends!)

It all started from a nonchalant discussion about how no matter what you wear on the outside, you will always feel confident with a “red bra” underneath it all. (SO TRUE!)

After their conversation, the ladies often texted each other before big events saying, “You can do it! You have your red bra on!” It became a figurative idea and an internal dialogue they would say to themselves to boost their confidence for a high school reunion, a job interview, or anything else they had to face. A little voice inside their heads said, “There is something more to this!” And so the Red Bra Project was born!

“The red bra itself is bold, confident and supportive. It’s like a superhero cape that leads to confident moments.”

You guys. I love this story. Hello?! How many great ideas have you had with friends over a few glasses of wine!? But the difference is, they actually created something from it!

A Red Bra on a Mission

The mission of The Red Bra Project, although ever-evolving (just like us all!) is a platform to celebrate her. They showcase women from all over the globe who are empowering and listening to other women. Most importantly, these women are acting on that little voice in their head that tells them to go out of their comfort zone to grow, reach, support, and encourage more people. (LOVE!!!)

“It’s about finding your cheerleaders, not your competitors. In a society where the norm is to tear women apart, we want to change that stigma and focus on the positives.”

Positive Women Support Positive Women: Are you her!?

Positive Women Supporting Positive Women

The ladies of the Red Bra Project feature everyone from entrepreneurs, women with chronic illness, depression, lifestyle bloggers, women in aviation, tiny house living, mom life, and more. The ladies tend to feature women that they are “crushing on” for a while on social media, and then they reach out to see if it’s a good fit!

If you want to be featured on their YouTube channel or nominate a woman who has been a supporter and inspiration in your life, please reach out in one of the following ways, visit their contact page or reach out to them on Instagram!

Spread the Positivity

Lastly, thank you so much for taking the time to read about Positive Women Support Positive Women and give you more insight into a more positive life!

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