The Biggest Mindset Hack to get Sales on Etsy

Are you an Etsy seller? If so, we have that in common! I absolutely love selling on Etsy. It has been such an incredible opportunity to be able to be able to bring my products to an already established audience. However, it hasn’t always been that way. When I first started out at zero sales (just like you!), I didn’t know how I was going to make any money! But if you’ve ever read about How to Write in Your Gratitude Journal for Manifestation, then you know I believe very strongly in manifesting your truest desires through gratitude journaling. So let’s go deep on My Biggest Mindset Hack for Selling on Etsy

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My Biggest Mindset Hack for Selling on Etsy

Gratitude is My Biggest Mindset Hack for Selling on Etsy

When I first started my Party Decorations Business, I didn’t know what I was doing! But fast forward to today, and I have a thriving business both on Etsy and on my website selling my printable party decorations. So, how did I do it?

Let’s get right to it! The secret to making sales on Etsy and in your business in general is gratitude. Now I know what you’re thinking. Gratitude is vanilla. It’s 101. It’s simple stuff. Wrong!

You’ve probably heard the quote, “It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude, it’s gratitude that brings us happiness.” And this is absolutely 100% true. Gratitude turns what we ALREADY have into enough. However, on top of bringing us happiness, did you know that being more grateful can literally help you manifest sales on Etsy into your life, with ABSOLUTE certainty?

Let me tell you how.

Your Goals for Being An Etsy Seller

Let’s talk about your goals for selling on Etsy. Have you ever heard someone say, “I want to lose 10 pounds”? What about, “I want to get out of debt”? Now, let’s think about those goals for a second.

I WANT TO LOSE 10 POUNDS. If the goal is to be WANTING to get out of debt or WANTING to loose 10 pounds, haven’t they already achieved that? The wanting? They’re already there right?

So let me ask you something as an Etsy shop owner. Are you doing the same thing? Wanting to get more sales on Etsy? If that’s the goal, then you’ve already accomplished that, correct?

The Correct Way to Set Your Goals For your Etsy Shop

So, now having heard that, what is the correct way to phrase your goals so we you can create what we really want for our Etsy shop? That is, instead of more of the WANTING to make more sales on Etsy?

The correct way to phrase our goals is to write out your goals, giving thanks for that which you want, as IF you have already achieved it.

That’s exactly what I’ve done in my in my gratitude journal since I launched my shop. So for example, I write in my journal every morning, something like the following: “I am so happy and grateful that I make 3 sales per day on Etsy and my customers get value from my products.”

This is my Biggest Mindset Hack for Selling on Etsy. I have created a daily routine where I give thanks for the things that I already have, and for the things that are ON THE WAY right now that are beyond my wildest dreams.

The Science Behind My Biggest Mindset Hack for Selling on Etsy

Now I know what you’re thinking. “So you’re telling me that I have to lie in my gratitude journal every day? But I will feel like a total fool writing down something that is completely untrue! I can’t do that!” And I totally get it. I’ve been there.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was suffering from deep dark postpardum depression. I wasn’t happy with my new life as a new mom. I really felt like I just wasn’t really making it as a mom. It was impossible to console my colicky baby, I couldn’t breastfeed. Being a mom just felt like a huge disaster.

And during that time was when I discovered this whole idea of gratitude journaling and giving thanks for things I wanted to manifest into my life.

So I thought why not? What do I have to lose? So I started a daily gratitude practice where I would write down that I had an amazing relationship with my daughter, and that we loved to laugh and be together and that I loved being a mom. Oh ya, and I had just started my party decorations business on Etsy, so I threw in  that I was so grateful for three daily sales on Etsy. After all, if I was going to try to manifest a better relationship with my daughter, and happiness into my life, I might as well ask for a little more money, amiright?

My Daily Gratitude Practice is My Biggest Mindset Hack for Selling on Etsy

Fast forward just a couple of months, and my relationship with my daughter had done a complete 180, and my sadness and depression was gone. Not just that, but I started to sell more consistently on Etsy, and I now have a thriving business that I love and 3 sales per day is no longer a miracle in my life….it’s just an everyday occurrence!

Why I am a Gratitude Pusher

And that, my friend, is why they say I am the ultimate gratitude pusher!

I like to “push” others into a daily gratitude practice to help them achieve their biggest dreams, just like I have! Whether it is to have 3 sales per day on Etsy, or whatever it may be, I want to encourage you to get started on writing in your gratitude journal today! You can download my FREE gratitude worksheet for entrepreneurs here to help you get started.

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