how to set better intentions

A new year is full of endless possibilities and opportunities to take your life toward something you can be proud of. To move you closer to your higher self, and BE the person you’ve always wanted to be. But let’s be clear. This is not your typical new years resolutions blog. It’s not about setting a goal for this year really. But how to set better intentions for the new year and beyond.

In podcast episode number four on The Celebration Effect Podcast, we talked about the importance of writing in your gratitude journal and how to do so. One of those ideas was giving thanks for a goal we have “as if” we already achieved it.

We all have goals. But what is the reason why some of us achieve them, and others don’t? More often than not, it’s because of our intentions. Our intention to achieving anything is the most important thing. Therefore, let’s talk about how to set better intentions and achieve our goals.

Set a Clear Intention

We’ve talked before about setting intentions, and how it’s scientifically proven to be beneficial. And it’s also the case for how to set better intentions. But what exactly is going on inside our brains that makes this true?

Setting your intent is extremely important in directing your conscious energy and attention towards your future goal. Just like in the case of going on a road trip, how could you get to the end if you don’t actually know where you’re going? Have you ever headed off on a road trip to an unknown destination? Likely not. You either pulled out an old-school map, or programmed it into Siri. Different intentions create very different outcomes. So if you intend to drive to Chicago, you’re going to do some very different things than if you intend to drive to San Francisco.

Stop living on auto pilot and start living with intention.

As you know from Why It’s So Hard to Make Changes in Our Lives, our subconscious mind filters data based on the beliefs and experiences from our past. When we set a very clear intention about what we want to achieve, we essentially prime our brains to start filtering for new thoughts, ideas, opportunities, and possibilities that align to that goal,

Now you’re probably thinking, well of course I know what I want. I want to lose 10 pounds, or, I want a new job, or, I want a million dollars. But as we’ve learned, our brains are all over the place. We THINK we know what we want, but then our brain wavers. We catch ourselves thinking for a second, is that really want I want? Maybe I’m happy right where I am. Maybe I don’t need to change. Does that sound familiar? If we put pen to paper, we are less inclined to listen to our ego’s that will try to talk us out of our goals.

How to Set Better intentions: Make your intent in the positive

If I tell you not to think of a pink elephant, what’s the first thing you think of? Exactly. A pink elephant. Our brains use mental imagery as a way to predict and plan for the future, helping us think about possible negative futures to avoid. This is why you need to state your intentions in the positive.

What I mean is, don’t create an intention to move away from something negative, because your mind will create an image around that statement. For example, I don’t want to have a relationship with my son like I had with my dad. What mental picture does that create in your mind? You get a very clear image of you having a similar relationship with your son that you had with your father. Instead, your intention should indicate what you do want. (i.e. “I want a trusting and transparent relationship with me and my son. I am attentive, patient, and present in his life and will always take into account his feelings.) Now, what kind of mental picture does that create?

When we start to create a visual picture of what we want, we actually start to build new neural pathways through imagination. By repeating this image over and over again in your mind you begin to train your brain to understand what is possible for you, instead of reminding you over and over about what you don’t want.

Now you have some tools in your tool belt for how to set better intentions so that you can achieve all your biggest and hairiest goals. I hope you’ll use some of these ideas as you move into the new year and create your resolutions for the coming year.

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