how to recover from conspiracy theories

Do you consider yourself a conspiracy theorist? I sure don’t, but let’s face it. This year is filled with “hoaxes,” “fake news”, tell-all books, and hidden messages. Personally, I got to the point where I truly needed to figure out how to Recover from the Conspiracy Theory Rabbit Hole I went down! Can you relate? I want to share what I learned from my experience and tell you exactly how you too can recover from the spiral you go down when you start getting obsessed with interested in conspiracy theories.

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how to recover from conspiracy theories

Conspiracy Theories Can Be Harmful – But Not Why You Think

When you first hear about a conspiracy, you’re typically like, “Ya right!” However, when you start to find evidence to support the claim, your world kind of flips upside down! You start to realize that life isn’t what you thought it was! And that can feel extremely scary!

The problem with you clicking an article, watching a video, and reading all the comments, isn’t because I’m worried that you’re spreading or learning “misinformation”. Because let’s face it. You’re a smart cookie. You can determine for yourself if you think something is “fake news” or not. Am I right? And as my dad always said, “If your friend jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, would you?” Therefore, the real problem isn’t that you’re following information blindly. The problem lies in the fact that it’s leading you down a fearful path.

Fear of Conspiracy Theories and The Human Brain

Humans have an innately adaptive trait that helps us detect threats. These built-in systems helped us back in the day when we were running from lions and tigers and bears, oh my. The thing is, your brain starts to feel like it’s facing these same type of threats while you’re reading about a particular conspiracy theory.

Not only that, humans also skew towards negative emotions, thoughts, and situations. We see the negative over the positive because our brain thinks it’s increasing our survival by scanning for danger. I mean, it’s a great survival tactic if you’re camping in the woods. But if you’re sitting on your couch having a panic attack because you’re reading all about “project paperclip” or “operation mockingbird”, that’s a different story. That’s not life saving. That’s raising your blood pressure for no good reason.

You Get Triggered

While being fearful is healthy and perfectly natural when it comes to direct threats in your environment. It’s not helpful, for instance, in our perfectly safe everyday lives. Why? This newfound information you gained from these conspiracy theories heightens your senses. You react, internally to conversations you may not have reacted to before. In other words, you get triggered!

This happened to me, for example, while I was hanging out with some people during a happy hour. While everyone was chatting about what they think is going in the world, I was getting triggered. I was feeling that need to be right. You know the feeling, right? That feeling where you want tell everyone what you know so that they can understand what you do? You know, the RIGHT information? And then I thought to myself, Who am I?!

Your Ego Wants to Be Right

See, that’s the ego talking. It always wants to be right. For instance, have you ever been in a screaming match with someone on Facebook trying to get them to see it your way? In other words, the right way? Or maybe you tried to email someone about how they’re “spreading misinformation”. Again, that’s all your ego. When we believe we know the “truth”, we want others to know our truth as well.

However, once you learn the difference between your ego and your higher self, this starts to get a little easier. Your higher self is much more mature than your ego. Your higher self knows that you don’t have to go around converting everyone to a conspiracy theorist or whatever it is that you believe. She knows that all is well in the world. He knows that all is right just as it is.

Where is Your Attention?

Additionally, you have to ask yourself the right questions. If you’re negative and fearful, and obsessing over these theories or about what could potentially go wrong. Where is your focus? You are essentially putting your focus on what you don’t want to happen.

I’m not saying you can’t learn the truth. By all means, join the great awakening! Awareness is the first step to transformation, and understanding that maybe life isn’t exactly as you thought it was, is a great thing!

Ultimately, however, if you are putting your attention on what you don’t want to happen, it means that a conspiracy theory is causing harm. Why? Because, what happens when you stay in those thoughts more often than not? Well, if you’ve learned anything at all from this blog and my Podcast, The Celebration Effect Podcast, you know that with the law of attraction and vibration, you are literally pulling more experiences relating to these kinds of events, thoughts, and actions into your life. Additionally, all these stories and ideas keep you in this negative, heavy state. It lowers your vibration.

Your Accidental Vision Board

In actuality, you’re creating an accidental vision board. What’s that now? That’s right! My vision board includes quarterly family vacations, being financially free and having the Top 100 book on Amazon with the book I haven’t written yet, lol. So, if I want all these things, why am I focusing on things I don’t want? Do I want to manifest any kind of satanic ritualistic BS into my life. Hell to the no!

3 Steps to Recover from the Conspiracy Theory Rabbit Hole

Therefore, if it’s so easy to go down the spiral (like conspiracies around N.A.S.A, Pizza Gate, MKULTRA and on and on… check out some great ones on YouTube videos by DesiRay.) Then what’s the way to recover from the conspiracy theory rabbit hole? I want to share with you exactly what I did to recover from the conspiracy theory rabbit hole.

1. Make the Commitment to Recover from the Conspiracy Theory Rabbit Hole

Don’t worry I’m not going to tell you to commit to staying off of social media. I mean, I know Facebook is trying to pay you to do it. But if we go down that rabbit hole, then we’re going nowhere.

What I do suggest is when you decide to listen to podcasts or audiobooks that bring down your vibration, follow it up quickly with a high vibe video, book, or podcast. Learn, what you consider to be, the “truth”, and then quickly shift your focus. Put your attention on your vision for the future.

2. Lead by Example

When you go down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories, it’s natural to feel like you want to do something to make change in this world. But the best way to do that is the BE the change you want to see. If a conspiracy theory triggers you, it’s because on a vibrational level, you are somehow finding that theory in yourself. (We’ll get into that in another blog, but just trust me on that for now.)

So in order to make lasting change in the world, you have to lead by example. For instance, my sister is extremely passionate about eliminating plastic in the environment. Instead of preaching about how everyone should reduce their use of plastics, she leads by example. She buys used toys. Uses reusable shopping bags. And she even uses a wooden toothbrush instead of a plastic one. Did you even know that was a thing?!

She doesn’t come over and throw away my Tupperware, or lecture me on how plastic is ruining the environment. (Okay, sometimes she does do that lol.) But more often that not, she uses her energy toward BEING the change she wants to see.

3. Examine the Energy When You Recover from the Conspiracy Theory Rabbit Hole

You’re human. Unless, that is, you think you landed on Roswell, or should I say, Project Mogul. (wink wink). Take a moment to pause and reflect on the fact that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Give yourself a break.

Then take a minute to really look at yourself and ask yourself how how you’re showing up in the world. Look at the energy you’re putting out into the world. You are not perfect. In fact, the idea of constant growth and improvement means that you will fall of track. You will get very negative and spiral every once in a while. But it’s the idea that you pull yourself back into the love and light that’s important. It’s the redirecting that helps you grow and get closer to your higher self.

Conclusion to Recover from the Conspiracy Theory Rabbit Hole

Lastly, I hope this was helpful to you in learning how to recover from the conspiracy theory rabbit hole. I’d love to connect with you on how you recently recovered from the conspiracy theory rabbit hole! Reach out to me on Instagram and let’s chat. You can also get started on celebrating your life with your FREE gratitude journal printable or by subscribing to my podcast, The Celebration Effect Podcast! I can’t wait to connect with you more.