How To Recognize Your Unconscious Beliefs

Now we know WHY it’s SO freaking hard to make changes in our lives (i.e. because of our unconscious identities). And with this knowledge, comes relief. Why? Because we can finally give ourselves a little grace. We aren’t changing, not because we don’t want it badly enough. Not because we’re bad people. And not because we’re lazy and unmotivated. It’s because of our brains! So, let’s talk about How To Recognize Your Unconscious Beliefs so that you can start to make changes and celebrate your life!

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How To Recognize Your Unconscious Beliefs
How To Recognize Your Unconscious Beliefs

Your Current Unconscious Identity

Your unconscious beliefs – the beliefs, thoughts, and ideas that you have on auto-pilot since you were a child, are running 95% of your life. That means that the things you learned when you were six are still predominantly controlling your behaviors and actions every day. For example the way you give presentations at work. Or the thoughts you have when you get dressed in the morning. And the way you talk to and think about your kids. These automated thoughts have formulated what is called, your unconscious identity.

If you are looking to make changes in your life, then you must start to identify what unconscious beliefs you have that are not aligned with your goals. This is called a limiting belief. The best way to describe a limiting belief is a belief that you hold to be real that prevents you from living the life the way you would choose or from reaching your biggest goals.

So What Are My Unconscious Beliefs?

Here’s what you need to know about How to recognize your unconscious beliefs. And I have to warn you, it might be a little bit of a harsh wake up call. The way that you can identify your unconscious and limiting beliefs is to look at your life.

As Sassy Gay Friend would say… “Look at your life, Look at your choices.”

What do I mean exactly? Your life is a direct reflection of your unconscious beliefs. Your bank account, for example. Whatever you believe about money is going to be reflected in your monthly statement, in your credit card bills, and your savings. What you believe about health and fitness is displayed by how you eat and how you exercise. For instance, if you don’t workout regularly, it’s because on an unconscious level you don’t value working out. If you eat well, it’s because unconsciously, you are the kind of person who eats healthy. If you constantly date or marry people who are unkind to you, or don’t value you, it’s because on an unconscious level, you do not value yourself. Your life, as it is right now, tells you exactly what your unconscious beliefs are.

Action Doesn’t Change Your Unconscious Beliefs

So you might be thinking that in order to make changes in your life you have to take action. And while taking action will make change on a short-term level, it’s not going to change your unconscious beliefs.

I think a really great example of this is when you hear stories about people who have lost a ton of weight, but either gain it back quickly or are still operating by their old beliefs even after the weight loss. For example, this happened on a recent season of Million Dollar Listing New York, where Tyler Whitman had experienced this very thing. Tyler, like many others, lost an incredible amount of weight. However, on the show he expressed that he still felt like a fat person. It’s like he can’t even see his new reflection in the mirror.

This totally makes sense, however, now that you know about your unconscious beliefs. On an unconscious level, he sees himself as a “fat” person, because he has automated this thought over and over. It has become an unconscious belief. Even though he knows on a logical level, that he is thin, he is still a fat person in his mind.

BE The Change

The good news is, the fact that your reading this is the first and most important step to changing your unconscious beliefs. There’s no reason to be mad at the people or things that caused you to believe what you do now. Some people may blame their parents, or teachers, or care takers. But at the end of the day, we need to be grateful for those people. The things you have come to believe, have gotten you to where you are today. Now that you know them, you can change them. You are in control of your life. Stop living on auto pilot, and start being who you really want to be.

If you continue to believe what you have always believed, you will continue to get the same results.

The next step to making change is to start to BE the kind of person that you want to be. Think about what kind of person you would be if you had everything you wanted.

You have to start to BE the KIND of person who has a great relationship, or is 100 pounds lighter, or HAS the job of their dreams. How would you be showing up differently in life if you had already reached your goals? Once you start to BE the person, only then are you going to start seeing the results.

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