How The Universal Laws Apply to Personal Development

You guys. Everyone is always saying to “Raise your vibration.” But what in the heck does ‘raise your vibration’ even mean? I am going to break it down for you and talk about how the universal laws apply to positive thinking.

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As you may know, One of the fundamental things I am so passionate about is positive thinking. In fact, I recently wrote about how, through positive thinking, I was able to manifest some cold, hard, cash! But when I use the term ‘positive thinking’, to me, it’s really just a jumping off point. There’s actually so much more to it than just thinking a little more positively. Positive thinking isn’t just wishful thinking or mumbo jumbo. (Although some people will certainly feel that it is. And that’s okay.) Positive thinking is rooted in the universal principles or laws that govern our world as we know it.

The Universal Laws, as you will come to realize are magical. And the reason for this is because once you understand these Universal Laws and begin to apply them in your life, you will absolutely, without question, experience a shift in every area of your life. Let’s break down two of those universal laws – the law of vibration and the law of attraction. That way, we can see how positive thinking is involved and how we can start to make major shifts, and start celebrating life.
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The Law of Vibration: A Simple Explanation

So you might have wondered at some point, what is the law of vibration?

The Law of Vibration is actually a very simple concept. But due to the many scientific terms used to describe it, it feels complicated. Especially for someone like me who hates both math and science. But on the most basic level, The law of Vibration says that all that exists is vibrating. And this is because we know that everything is made up of atoms, which are made up of little things called protons and neutrons. (Is anyone else picturing the Friends episode where Pheobe talks about the atom? If not, you MUST go listen to it.) Anywho, if you observe protons and neutrons under a microscope, they move in a vibrational pattern. And we call this…energy! So, because everything is made up of these protons and neutrons, that means everything is energy. EV-ERY-THING. You, me, the device you’re reading this on…everything.

You actually learned about this back in 8th grade science class but you were too busy checking out that hot guy in the front row. Or maybe that was that just me?

One more thing you should know about this whole Law of Vibration thing before we move on is that some things are vibrating at different speeds. Depending on how fast or how slow something is vibrating is defined as the frequency at which it’s vibrating at.

Are you still awake?

The Law of Attraction: A Simple Explanation

Now that we have law of vibration under our belt, that brings us to the next Universal Law. What is the the Law of Attraction? This is the one that you might be more familiar with from books or movies like the Secret. The basic definition is that like attracts like. So something that is vibrating at one frequency is going to be drawn to something with the same frequency. A good example of this in nature is that when you drop two droplets into water, the drops will eventually come together because they are vibrating at the same speed.

So remember what I said about how EVERYTHING is energy? I mentioned before that you, me, and the device you’re reading this on are energy. But the most important one we want to talk about here is our thoughts! Even our thoughts are energy.

how negative thinking impacts your life: How The Universal Laws Apply to Positive Thinking

How The Universal Laws Apply to Positive Thinking: E-Motions

Have you ever thought about the word, ’emotion’? It literally means energy in motion. It is the frequency that we are vibrating at at any given moment. We’ve just assigned words to those frequencies so that it’s easier for us to identify. So instead of saying, “I’m vibrating at 396Hz”, we can say, “I’m feeling guilty because I’m working on a Saturday when I should be playing with my child.” See how this works?

Each emotion is a different frequency. The better the feeling feels, the higher the frequency. So when you hear that really overused phrase, “Raise your vibration”, now you know they’re just saying, be happier.

How The Universal Laws Apply to Positive Thinking

Okay, so now we know that things vibrating at the same frequency are drawn together based on these two universal laws. We also know that our emotions are indicators of the frequency we are vibrating at. So, how do the universal laws apply to positive thinking? Any time we feel a feeling, we emit that frequency and invite the exact same frequency to come back to us. So if we are thinking negatively, we are inviting negative things to come our way. If we are thinking positively, we are inviting more positive things into our life. Remember, like attracts like.

So let’s think about an example. Think about a time you were running late for work, and your kid is throwing a tantrum, and you are annoyed. (This may or may not be a personal story.) And have you ever experienced something like this where it turned into a snowball effect? Maybe then you can’t find your keys, you spill your coffee on your white pants, and then someone cuts you off in traffic on the way to work. 

Think about the kind of frequency are you omitting in this “annoyed state”. What kind of energy (since we know like attracts like) are you drawing toward you with this attitude? You are quite literally drawing more of the same “annoying” energy toward you.

How The Universal Laws Apply to Positive Thinking: Positive thinking can literally change your life

Think Positively, Literally Change Your Life

The takeaway from this isn’t to make you feel like crap for yelling at your toddler who reused to get in the car this morning. Because we know that #momguilt is the worst. The takeaway is to start becoming aware of our thoughts. Awareness of our thoughts is the very first thing we have to do to start making positive changes. Once you start to notice your thoughts and how they impact the world around you, you’re going to start changing your thoughts.

Now that you know this information, I want you to start noticing your thoughts this week. What is the frequency that you’re vibrating at in any given moment? Are you happy? Worried about something? Are you unhappy? How do you feel throughout your day?

Where your attention goes, energy flows and results show.

Start to notice it. And remember this quote by T. Harv Eker, ” Where your attention goes, energy flows and results show.”

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