Gratitude Journal Prompts for Spring

As a first-day-of-spring baby, I have to tell you, Spring is one of my all-time favorite seasons! Why? Because the spring equinox is the time of year where the Northern Hemisphere begins to tilt more toward the Sun. That’s the “sciencey” way of saying that it’s going to stay light a lot longer and heat up! Can we say, hell to the ya?! And who isn’t grateful for that? If you’ve read about How to Write in your Gratitude Journal for Manifestation, then you know that gratitude is life changing. So let’s change our lives a little more this season with Gratitude Journal Prompts for Spring.

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Why to Be Grateful in Spring

The Spring Equinox is a time of new beginnings. It’s almost like you get a whole new first day of the year! With your energy levels rising and as the temperature and energy begins to shift on the earth plane, you start to feel invigorated. You begin to be filled with new inspiration and it makes you think about what you want to “plant the seed for” in your life. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to sit down and focus on what to be grateful for now in order to plant a seed for the rest of the year until the Winter Equinox on December 21st.

Gratitude Journal Prompts for Spring

Gratitude Journal Prompts for Spring

Therefore, with the idea that you’re planting a seed for the rest of the year through your gratitude journal, here are some great Gratitude Journal Prompts for Spring:

  1. What makes you feel inspired? Give thanks for that knowing that flows to and through you. Ask for more of it!
  2. Living “as if”, give thanks for one thing you will be grateful for that will manifest by the Winter Equinox, December 21st.
  3. Acting “as if”, give thanks for one thing you will be grateful to have manifested by Summer.
  4. What’s one thing you can be grateful for that is different this season than last year?
  5. Name one thing you love about Spring.
  6. Think of one thing that you get to say goodbye to in winter that you are grateful for.
  7. Since this is a new beginning, what’s one new year’s goal you can be grateful to let go of?
  8. Where can you go in Spring that you couldn’t go in winter?
  9. Think of something in your house you can get rid of. Write what you are grateful for about it and then get rid of it.
  10. Set 3 intentions for the rest of the year. Write down how good it feels to think that “it is done”.
Make Your Life a Garden where you plant seeds of possibility and water them with gratitude

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Lastly, thank you so much for taking the time to read about Gratitude Journal Prompts for Spring. I hope this gives you some ideas about some new ideas for writing in your gratitude journal during the Spring Equinox! I love to help you celebrate life through party decorations and personal development! But above all, I’d love to connect with you. Reach out to me on Instagram and let’s chat. You can also get started on celebrating your life with your FREE gratitude journal printable or by subscribing to my podcast, The Celebration Effect Podcast! I can’t wait to connect with you more.