Gratitude Journal Prompts for October

Once October rolls around, you start to realize that the year is coming to an end, which is always hard to believe. Because, like? Didn’t it JUST start? Similarly, October is also a time to reflect on those who’s lives have come to an end. Now, don’t take this as a spooky thing. October is a very powerful month to connect with other dimensions and realms. And if you’ve read about How to Write in your Gratitude Journal for Manifestation, then you know that writing in your gratitude journal is a way to connect to your future self, tapping into another dimension of yourself. Let’s talk about how to use the amazing energy of this month to tap into other dimensions! Here are your Gratitude Journal Prompts for October.

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October is a Powerful Manifestation Month

October is one of the most spiritual months of the year! It’s a great time to tap into your spiritual inner self. Why is it such a powerful month? A few reasons.

First, there is a thinning of the veil that occurs from about October 8th to November 11th. It is where the veil thins between this and other dimensions. Many think this is a great month to make connections with friends and family who have crossed over. It is recommended that you spend this month honoring those people and beloved pets who are no longer with us.

It’s also a great time to reflect on the idea that while in the 3D world, it’s hard to feel connected to the unseen. However, we can use this time to realize that we are still connected to things in all dimensions.

Additionally, autumn (the time where trees shed their leaves) can be looked at metaphorically as a time to shed negative energy and make room for new positive energy and new manifestations to come into our lives.

October Gratitude Journal Writing

That said, October is a great time to tap into other dimensions. You see, when it comes to manifesting, people always think that you have to “manifest” something out of thin air. But in actuality, it’s becoming a different version of yourself that already exists. Manifesting is just tuning yourself to that particular frequency. That means that you don’t need to “manifest” out of thin air at all. You just need to tune your frequency to that version of yourself.

Therefore for the October gratitude prompts, they are all about tapping into other dimensions – both of yourself, and dimensions where others now reside. Remembering that every season of your life is just one dimension of yourself. You can always shift, or tune yourself to that other dimension. Let these gratitude prompts for October allow yourself to open your mind to the idea that you can move between dimensions at any time. Allow yourself to believe in the unseen, the connection of all things in all dimensions, and the belief in synchronicities that the universe has to offer.

Gratitude Prompts for October

  1. Think of a loved one who has passed. Feel their energy. Give thanks that they are still here with you in spirit. (Sometimes I can smell my Mom. It’s those times I know she is trying to connect to me.)
  2. Remember a cherished memory of a loved one who has passed on. Write down the memory as if is happening today and how wonderful it makes you feel.
  3. Remember a past version of yourself where you wanted something so badly that you now have. Write a note to that past version of yourself. Give your past self some encouragement.
  4. Write down a sentence about where you are in your life right now. Now think about a few synchronistic events that occurred that brought you here.
  5. Think about your biggest manifestation. What is one characteristic that you would have if you had that manifestation?
  6. Think about a childhood memory that you felt was traumatic in some way and has effected your life. Re-write the story. Go back and comfort your child-self. Tell her you love her. Tell her you are there for her.
  7. What one thing can you commit to today that will make you feel like you’re living from your biggest goal or manifestation?
  8. Imagine you have achieved your highest goal. What is one thing you had to let go of in order to achieve it?
  9. Angels are always helping us. Think of a time one helped you out of a dark place.
  10. Close your eyes. Connect to your higher self. What is she trying to tell you today?

And don’t forget that if you want to start believing more in the unseen this month, you can grab my free gratitude journal printable here.

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