Gratitude Journal Excuses Debunked

You may have heard by now that I am extremely passionate about implementing a daily gratitude practice in your life or read about How to Write in Your Gratitude Journal for Manifestation. But while you probably already know it’s important to start a daily gratitude practice, you likely have your doubts. So here are all the most common Gratitude Journal Excuses Debunked!

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There are way too many benefits of implementing a daily gratitude practice for you to NOT to do it! And guess what? These benefits are actually scientifically proven! Some of the benefits include improving your relationships, making you healthier – both physically and mentally; enhances empathy and reduces aggression, helps you sleep better, improves self-esteem, and increases mental strength. Now I’m not sure what mental strength means exactly, but heck! I’m a mom! I need all the dang mental health I can get! Amiright moms?!

The best day to be thankful is every day.

Gratitude Journal Excuses Debunked: Excuse #1

I’m already grateful. I don’t need to write it down.

As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that working for ya?” Saying that you already know that you’re “grateful” doesn’t put you in that state of being grateful, which is the friggin point of the whole thing! Unless however, you’ve already made this a habit in your life – which I’m guessing you haven’t, since you’re reading this! – you gotta do the work. As Britney says, “You better work B”.

Gratitude Journal Excuses Debunked: Excuse #2

I don’t have time.


Another excuse I hear is that there just isn’t enough time in the day! I get it. I have two jobs. And a toddler, a husband, an exercise routine, friends, family, and even love drinking wine and watching Real Housewives! However, I still make time to write in my gratitude journal. Because here’s the thing, and a little tough love for you, friend. Did you make time to eat today? Did you make time to get dressed? We make time for the things we prioritize. Therefore, you can make this a priority.

Have I convinced you yet? If so, grab my FREE gratitude and manifesting worksheet and start manifesting miracles into your life today!

Gratitude Journal Excuses Debunked: Excuse #3

I don’t know what to write.

Girl, I got you.


Another common excuse is that people don’t really understand how the whole gratitude thing works so it can feel overwhelming about what to write. However, that’s why I created the daily gratitude and manifesting worksheet for you. It walks you through what to write, step by step, so you don’t have to overthink it! And on top of that, the goal is just to get in that state of gratitude, because that is where change really happens.

Ready to start getting grateful?

Now that your excuses have been officially debunked, can I convince you to start this gratitude journal today?! It will change your life in ways that were beyond what you ever thought possible, and I want to hear about it! Comment below with what you’ve manifested in your gratitude writing. I can’t wait to hear!

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