Get Over Your Fear And Start a Side Hustle

Has anyone ever told you “You should sell that!”, or “Oh my goodness you are so good at that, people would love that!” But you thought that you couldn’t take the leap and start a business because of fear and doubt? I’m here to inspire you to start a side hustle TODAY! Do not wait. Don’t not pass go. Do not collect $200.00. Okay, actually grab that $200.00 on the way and Get Over Your Fear and Start A Hustle!

Get over your fear and start a side hustle

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It’s natural to feel “overwhelmed” about creating a side hustle – but I put that word in quotations because that is a word you need to take out of your vocabulary stat! I’m guessing doubt and fear have held you back. I’m guessing you think that your market is saturated. You might think everyone is already doing it! Believe me, I get it. I used to think that before I started my party decorations business.

Get Over Your Fear and Start A Hustle Because You are Uniquely You

Guess what. I’m here to tell you that those thoughts are an illusion. Did you know you’re special? Did you know there’s only one you? Am I starting to sound like a Dr. Seuss book? 😉

People told me for years I should start a side hustle selling party decorations, and I just brushed them off. “There are a million people doing that,” I’d say. And while that may have been the case, no one was doing it exactly the way I would do it.

Lindsay Ashworth A Touch of LALindsay Ashworth A Touch of LA

Think about some of the influencers you follow in Instagram. Why do you follow them? Are they the prettiest of them all? Are they the funniest? Probably not. You just really resonate with a them. And that’s exactly what will happen if you start your side hustle. You are going to find people – your people! -who just resonate and relate to you! And that’s something only you can create.

Fear Vs. Love

So what’s stopping you? I’ll tell you what’s stopping you, and what stopped me for SO long. Fear. Fear comes directly from your unconscious reptilian brain. This part of our brain is programmed to help us survive in prehistoric times – not in today’s world. So your brain is saying, “NO! Don’t start that Etsy shop! You could die!” Well, we all know that isn’t true. But your brain doesn’t know the difference between a bear coming at you in the woods and the possibility of “failing” at creating your business.

So what do you need to do? As Joey says, ” Jump off the high dive, stare down the barrel of the gun, pee into the wind!”  Take the chance. As Mark Twain put it, “Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.”

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Here’s my one other piece of advice – start BEFORE you’re ready. You’re never going to get going knowing everything. You have to figure a little bit out at a time. It’s a learning curve. A journey. But it’s there for you to look back later and say, “Wow. I DID that!” And you will feel so proud.

Good luck friend! I would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below on the side hustle you want to start! And if you need help manifesting this goal in your life, I recommend picking up my daily gratitude and manifesting worksheet!

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