What is the Definition of Personal Development

If you’ve ever looked at Personal Development like you do therapy, then you might assume something was wrong with you. When in fact, it’s the exact opposite. Something is actually very very right with you. And that’s where personal development comes in. Start with these Uplifting Motivational Personal Development Quotes. Next, let me me break down the question of What is the Definition of Personal Development so that you can get started on it right away to better your life!

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Personal Development Definition

Here’s the thing. Some people think personal development is either for the kooky, or the seriously messed up. When, in actuality, it’s neither. To become interested in personal development means that you are interested in expanding and growing so that you can live out your ultimate dreams and goals. Don’t believe me? Let’s talk about how most people view the world.

Personal Development is about a Growth Mindset

Most people live by a ton of “I am” statements. For example, “I am smart.” “I am good at math.” “I’m not good at Tennis.” “I’m an introvert.” “I am shy.” “I am judgey.” The problem with these statements is they can often impact the decisions you make in your life. And while all of those “I am” statements might be true, it doesn’t mean it’s the end all, be all.

A Growth Mindset Allows You to be Open to Possibilities that Anything is Possible for You.

You see, that’s the true key to personal development. It’s the knowledge that these “I am” statements are NOT fixed. That’s what a growth mindset is. A growth mindset simply means that you’re someone who believes that you can be developed.

Therefore, just because you identify as a “shy person”, someone who is bad at math, or a great tennis player, doesn’t mean you can’t change. Because, let’s face it. Tennis players aren’t born pros. They practice, improve, and grow. The same goes for any of those previous “I am” statements.

How Personal Development Changes What’s Possible For You

When I first started on this personal development journey, I had some pretty negative “I am statements”. They included things like, “I’m not an entrepreneur”. “I can’t be a blogger.” “I am not a good salesperson.” As it turns out, I just needed to open my mind to the possibility that I could grow and change. Now, you’re here reading this blog, and I’ve made thousands of sales in my Etsy shop and on my website. It’s all perspective. And the way you start shifting your perspective is through personal development.

All that being said, you can see how personal development isn’t only for the wacky or people with serious trauma. That is total baloney. In reality, personal development is for the leaders, the impact-makers, and people who want to live their dream life. Thus, it’s all about looking inside your brain an saying, “How can I take what’s already here and make it amazing?”

Therefor, once you shift your thinking to a growth mindset and begin on your personal development journey, you’ll start to see the possibilities that exist for you. And once you realize the possibilities, it automatically has an impact on your motivation, your inspiration, and your happiness in life. And let’s face it. Isn’t that we’re all after anyway?

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