10 Thanksgiving Gratitude Journal Prompts

Thanksgiving can be a super stressful day. Even though it’s all about being #grateful and #thankful, all you end up thinking about is cleaning the house, finding the perfect Pinterest recipes for your thanksgiving table, cooking a million dishes, and all the things. Amiright? If you’ve read about How to Write in Your Gratitude Journal for Manifestation, then you know it can help you reduce stress in your life. So let’s amp it up for one of the most stressful days of the year, shall we? Here are 10 Thanksgiving Gratitude Journal Prompts.

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Gratitude Changes Your Perception

Gratitude is life changing. For instance, it helps you manifest things like more money, more peace, and more confidence into your life. I know for me it changed my life in many ways, including manifesting more sales and money in my business and on my Etsy Shop, selling party decorations. It also helps you see the good in the worst situations. For example, perhaps you see Thanksgiving as one of those times of year that’s stressful and negative? I can relate to this. For instance, growing up, thanksgiving was stressful. We all have our family history, and for some of us, it isn’t puppies and kittens. Know what I’m sayin’?

However, as an adult, I’ve had to create habits in my life that allowed me to start changing my perspective around things like holidays and family time. One of the main game changers for me was starting a gratitude practice. You can read about How A Gratitude Practice Changed My Life. It’s allowed me me to changed the way I see holidays. Holidays used to be stressful and negative. Now they are relaxing and enjoyable. I attribute that shift in my perception to my daily gratitude practice.

10 Thanksgiving Gratitude Journal Prompts

However, sometimes we can get stuck in trying to come up with what to be grateful for, especially when our focus is on a stressful holiday. For example, cleaning, cooking, and all the other craziness. Therefore, I’ve come up with 10 Thanksgiving Gratitude Journal Prompts so it’s easy for you to cross this off your list the morning of thanksgiving and you can focus on a stress free holiday. So without further ado, here are your 10 Thanksgiving Gratitude Journal Prompts.

10 Gratitude Journal Prompts for Thanksgiving
  1. Who are you most excited about seeing this thanksgiving?
  2. Which recipe are you most excited about eating?
  3. What relationship can you work on this thanksgiving day?
  4. What is special about this thanksgiving?
  5. What’s one thing you get to have or do this thanksgiving that you didn’t have last year?
  6. What thanksgiving holiday tradition can you be grateful for?
  7. How can you live in the present on this holiday?
  8. How can you bring joy to someone who is less fortunate than you today?
  9. What’s one thing you can be excited about Black Friday? (Staying home, getting a deal, etc.)
  10. How can you use your unique personality to uplift others on this thanksgiving holiday?

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Time to Celebrate Your Life

Lastly, thank you so much for taking the time to read about 10 Thanksgiving Gratitude Journal Prompts! I hope this gives you some ideas about what to be grateful for this thanksgiving holiday! I love to help you celebrate life through party decorations and personal development! But above all, I’d love to connect with you. Reach out to me on Instagram and let’s chat. You can also get started on celebrating your life with your FREE gratitude journal printable or by subscribing to my podcast, The Celebration Effect Podcast! I can’t wait to connect with you more.