The #1 Secret to Success is Mindset

Ever since I can remember, the world has been telling us what makes successful people. So let’s talk about the #1 secret to success!

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The #1 Secret to Success is Mindset

What makes someone successful? #1 Secret to Success

Do you make your bed every day? Do you check things off your to do list like a boss? There are endless amounts of articles that try to explain the seven habits of successful people, or the 3 things successful people do each morning.

And even though making your bed certainly makes your room look tidy, is it REALLY something you can say helped Mark Zuckerberg move to the top in the tech industry? Or Mark Cuban become a true shark in the business world? I’m going to go with…no.

What really sets the most successful people apart from the others is between their two ears. You see, a lot of people don’t think mindset is important. I hear this all the time from people. “I don’t need to work on my mindset”. And that, my friends, is probably the person who needs to work on their mindset the MOST.

I don't need mindset work. Says the person who needs it the most.

What is mindset?

Mindset is kind of an overused word. So what do I even mean by mindset?What are the thoughts that circulate in your head each day? Do the bullies take over and tell you how fat you are? What an idiot you are? How you’ll never make it? Or are you constantly hearing thoughts like, “I look great.” “I’m so good with change.” “I always crush my goals.”

If you have been following along for a while, you might know that 95% of your thoughts are unconscious. This means that most of the thoughts you are currently having are habit. However, if those habit thoughts that are going around in your brain are crappy, then you are going to feel crappy, and get crappy results. Therefore, what thoughts do you think are going on in the most successful people’s brains?

Take a look at this video of some of the most successful people in Hollywood. I love what Steve Harvey has to say about fear and the thoughts that go through your mind when you aren’t sure what to do next.

The #1 Secret to Success: Mindset

In the above video, you can see that these successful people are taking a deeper look at their thoughts and if they are negative, they are making a change. In addition, they actively work on their mind every day. They know that working on their mindset is THE most critical and important thing. You didn’t hear Jim Carey say that he has to go on X amount of interviews, or practice X amount of scripts. He said he worked on his vision in his mind for where he wanted to be.

In other words, we simply can’t accept the thoughts that are currently bullying our brains. If we do, we can bet that we will not get to where we want to be in our lives. We have to MAKE CHANGE and work on our mindset EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Therefore, we should never be done working on our mindset.

How to change your mindset

Now that you know that the #1 secret to success is through our thoughts, how do we change our thoughts so they can help us succeed? Well, the first step into changing our thoughts to be more positive is through gratitude. For instance, count all the things that you love about your life every day and you’ll see you’ve got a lot more things to be thankful for than you have to complain about. And I’ve got a free printable to help you with just that! I know it will help you to stop focusing on the negative, and realize what you ALREADY have to celebrate.

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